Club Championship 2014 Casey - Dandenong

Conditions of Entry

1 Fee to play per team per match will be $220….Total 4 games & $880
        Based on 1 ball
        Half cost of 1 umpire
        Provision of 11 player lunches & half umpires lunch
        Half hire cost of each ground
        Water, cordial & cups
2 Extra lunches pay per head $8
        Final lunch cost to be confirmed.
3 Match playing dates, Meet & Greet Sat 8th Nov
        Sunday 9th Nov
        Monday 10th Nov
        Wednesday 12th Nov
        Thursday 13th Nov & Presentation Dinner
        Matches start 10am on Synthetic Wickets TBA
4 Match rules as per current VOSCA playing Conditions set at 2014 AGM.

5 Minimum 2 people each team represented at Meet & Greet Sat 8th Nov
        Handouts for teams, balls, Scorebook, Fixtures,
        Cost per person for Meet & Greet $65 (Food, Cleanup, Security, Room Hire,     
        Drinks) 2 drinks per person at function. There will be a user pay bar as well.

6 Optional to attend Presentation Dinner at $110 per person
        Includes Food, Drinks, Cleanup, Security
7 VOSCA will provide a list of Spare players if required
        (from Interstate or other VOSCA Clubs)
8 VOSCA will nominate emergency players for State Teams
        VOSCA will have first call on these players
        VOSCA will name 12 players per State Team
9 Clubs are required to ensure all players insured under relevant Certificate of       
10 Clubs to provide all playing cricket equipment.
        Each club to provide a minimum of 4 stumps & 2 sets of bails.
        Each club to provide a set of boundary marker cones.

11 VOSCA will reduce/reimburse club fee as necessary to suit conditions.
        Example no umpire

12 VOSCA will pay umpire.