Season 2014 - 15 has been a very successful year for Victorian Over 60s cricket.

VOSCA ran and hosted the National Championships at the City of Casey and City of Greater Dandenong during November 2014. Thirty two teams participated from all States and ACT plus a team from New Zealand. We also ran a concurrent hard wicket competition for other teams to play Over 60s cricket.

Much appreciation should be given to Greg Watsford as Tournament Director, Joel McGlynn as Secretary, Ian Leach with running My Cricket, John Scales as Tournament Treasurer. My role was to secure turf wickets so that all Divisions played on turf. Thanks to Greater Dandenong Council and the City of Casey and Casey Clubs for their support in providing their wickets for the Championships.

Three out of the four Executive of VOSCA [Joel, Greg and myself] have had serious health issues over the past year, and pleasing to note all three of us have come through and have a new lease on life. My thanks go to each of the Exec who have contributed strongly to running Over 60 and 70s cricket this past season – Greg, Joel, Ian – Thankyou!

Season 2014-15 saw us schedule a weekly / fortnightly Draw that consisted of 22 teams across Victoria, which generally worked very well, but a couple of forfeits of teams not able / willing to travel was disappointing. Mostly, teams and players are happy to travel to games.


Congratulations must go to our Division 1 National team, Vic. Country, for winning the National Championships, well led by Ian Gibson of Gippsland Goannas.


Congratulations also go to the following Victorian players who represented Australia in winning the Ashes back from England in the June/July Test Tour 2015. Ian Southall, Robin Court, Neil King, Greg Johnson, David Cordy and Rex Bennett. England President and skipper, Martin Pearse heaped praise on Rex by saying he was the best player he has seen in 20 years of Over 50 and over 60 cricket in England or Australia. High Praise!


Also Congratulations to our Victorian Over 60 team that played and won easily against Tasmania in our annual Challenge match. Victoria also played Over 60 and Over 70 Challenge matches at Kardinia Park, Geelong against South Australia, and won both matches. Thank you to Geelong Over 60s for getting these venues and the hospitality.


As President, I have had discussions about getting two new Over 60s teams for next season. Ballarat, where we had an Exhibition match, Casey v Iona to test the waters, with former Iona player Neville Gorman as contact. Ballarat Council gave us the prestigious City Oval for the match. I also travelled to Albury meeting representatives getting an Albury / Wodonga team that will play out of Benalla, where David Saker’s older brother, Trevor is the organiser / curator.


With the breakdown of relations between England and Australian Over 60s Tours, Greg Watsford and I helped establish two Victorian teams to tour in our winter of 2015, as the only tours in UK from Down Under. However, England and Australia patched up their differences, which were over retirements, so that Tours have the formula of half games being unlimited batting and half having retirements.


Our Victorian Over 60 touring team had three wins and a tie from their games played with about three games washed out. Our Over 70s had a very successful tour with 6 wins and 3 losses and a washout versus the County teams and played two games against “All England” teams and were beaten soundly. Special thanks to Joel for the excellent work done in getting both these tours happening, and to skippers, Greg Watsford, Ian Sharp.


Many thanks to our Clubs and Delegates for strong attendances at our Delegates Meetings and setting the agenda for furthering the playing of Over 60s cricket.


Thanks to John Scales, John Moore, Graham Cuddon, Joel McGlynn and Ross Price for their work in running the Mid Week Over 60 games and Mid Week Over 68 games.


Thanks also to Bill Johnson, Steve Hando and Vic Country for arranging the Echuca Carnival, which was a great success, with many teams and players involved. 


After my health scare and nine days in hospital over the time of the Nationals, I feel that I have a new lease and perspective of life, and have decided that I will put my name up for another term as President. Thankyou to all Delegates and Clubs for the way we have worked together over the years. When I came on board, we had 8 teams and have now grown to 22 with two more in the pipeline.

May Over 60 and Over 70s cricket grow and prosper, as we are worldwide, part of the greater Cricket Family.




President VOSCA, August 2015