VCV - Hot Weather Policy

  Hot Weather

Should the weather forecast in the local area of the match as shown on at 6.00pm on the evening prior to the match, display a temperature of 36degC or greater, the match will be abandoned. Simply highlight the Suburb/Town name or postcode to show the next day’s temperature.
With the concurrence of both teams, a match can be played where the forecast temperature at 6.00pm the evening prior to the match is between 36degC and 38degC.  see following Guidelines for the conduct of matches in hot conditions.

Guidelines for Extreme Heat


Clubs should provide shaded areas where the batting team, spectators and scorers can shelter.


Umpires in consultation with team captains schedule additional drink breaks during play. Participants may call for additional drinks at any time while batting, fielding or umpiring conscious of the need to keep such breaks in play to a minimum.

Sun Protection

Players are reminded of the need for frequent applications of sunscreen and the preference for long sleeved shirts to reduce exposure to the sun. Hats are an essential item and the wide brimmed style is recommended, particularly on sunny days.

First Aid

Club first aid kits must include aids for the treatment of heat affected participants.
Every endeavour should be made to have a club member, who is properly skilled in the treatment of heat affected people, at home games.
A notice should be prominently included in or displayed near the first aid kit, explaining the treatment of heat affected patients.


Play must cease once thunder is heard less than 30 seconds after its related lightning flash.
Play must not resume until the storm has passed and thunder is not heard within 30 seconds of lightning. 

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