VCV - O H & S Policy


Veterans Cricket Victoria (VCV) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at games, training and functions administered by the organisation. VCV will:

  • Promote the health, safety and well-being of players, umpires, managers and supporters of VCV organised activities.

  • Make recommendations to minimise and manage potential risk factors.

  • Ensure rules and playing conditions are appropriate and tailored for veteran cricketers.

  • Provide management assistance to members who incur a cricket related injury, illness or disability.

  • Require member clubs to take out annual insurance cover (including public liability) with Cricket

    Australia recommended Insurer JLT SPORT

  • Encourage playing members to take out private health insurance (including ambulance cover) to

    minimise any gap not covered by JLT SPORT

    Risk Management Policy

  • Evaluate the safety conditions of grounds, facilities and equipment in Veteran Cricket Victoria activities.

  • Monitor weather forecasts for extreme temperature, lightning and high winds to ensure safe playing


  • Require member Clubs to complete and sign the JLT Game Day & Training checklist of surroundings,

    facilities and weather conditions for fixtured VCV matches.

  • Require VCV member clubs to appoint a OH & S Officer with training in First Aid.

  • Require the home team at VCV fixtured games to provide a defibrillator.

  • Provide information regarding the nearest hospital, doctor, dentist, emergencies and location of a

    defibrillator to be inserted on the back cover of VCV scorebooks.

    For further information, contact Ray Matters - VOSCA Occupational Health & Safety Advisor on 0430 644 887.